Welcome to stretch your scholarly mind in one of the foremost cities for entrepreneurship in the world. Our activities for scholars are designed to connect you with peers and ideas in a cordial, peer-driven, independent and interdisciplinary environment. Connect with others who share common interests and conduct open and positive critique to leverage interdisciplinary knowledge in your research.

PhD courses 🎓 are designed and delivered by faculty from our member universities. They are interdisciplinary in nature and explore entrepreneurship from a plethora of academic perspectives. Completion of these activities grants ECTS credits.

In Educator Workshops 🛠 leading international thinkers and scholars of entrepreneurship education share their experiences with you as an educator to provide useful tools and mind nuggets to advance your teaching.

In Paper Seminars 📄, you present your ongoing research and exchange ideas with a team of your interdisciplinary peers. Connect and engage in insightful discussion and feedback with researchers you’d never meet anywhere else.