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Practice interdisciplinary action in small groups of hand picked students from medicine, technology, economics, design, and the humanities.


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Explore entrepreneurship from a plethora of perspectives in a peer-driven, independent and interdisciplinary environment.


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Test, develop and turn your ideas into reality. Exploration, Incubation and Acceleration all under one roof.




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An Interdisciplinary Platform

We transcend disciplines and combine the best ideas from medicine, technology, economics, design, and the humanities in order to accelerate cross-disciplinary action.


A Cutting-edge Curriculum

At the very forefront of knowledge, we provide courses, workshops and experiences designed to give you the skills needed to thrive in uncertainty.


A Community of Curiosity

Since 1999 we have been elevating minds, generating ventures, forging connections and inspiring new ways of thinking. Today, we are a vast network of silo-busters, system-thinkers and change-makers constantly questioning the taken-for-granted.


A Unique Innovation Engine

We take ideas seriously, but also believe in the power of failure, and failing forward. Therefore, we offer you an explorative space to test, develop and sharpen your ideas in order to turn your vision into reality.

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