Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Research

This course will enhance your career opportunities inside and outside of academia by facilitating and teaching the discovery and identification of intellectual assets in the daily work of a researcher/PhD student, and applying them today and in the future.

As a participant, identifying opportunities for entrepreneurship in connection to research will increase the awareness of the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship and its practical application, and will help you to expand the impact of your work.
In order to develop a business idea – whether in an economic or social context, you will need to apply a number of business concepts. Relevant business tools will be introduced in order to develop a business idea stemming from research. The final step when exploring opportunities of entrepreneurship is to communicate and test your business idea on the market. For that purpose you will learn how to package an already developed business idea for introduction into the startup world.



What entrepreneurship is and how it can be used in research and in your doctoral education.
• A number of practical business tools to identify intellectual assets, develop a business opportunity and business model.
• The fundamentals of writing a business plan.
• And more…

Teaching and learning activities

March 15-19

Monday  9:00 to 12:00 Intellectual assets, NABC and SWOT
Tuesday  9:00 to 12:00 Intro to Design thinking and Empathy Map
Wednesday  9:00 to 12:00 Customer Satisfaction and Value Proposition Canvas
Thursday  Mentoring (30min/student)
Friday  Mentoring (30min/Student)

March 21-25

Monday  9:00 to 12:00 Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas
Tuesday  9:00 to 12:00Pitching and Marketing
Wednesday 9:00 to 12:00 Examination (PITCHING own project based on the NABC model 5min)
Thursday Mentoring (30min/Student)
Friday  Mentoring (30min/Students)


Attendance is mandatory for all participants. The Course Director assesses if and how absence may be compensated.


The doctoral student is examined individually, via written report, the design of a poster, the development of a prototype, business model and completion of a business plan.


Information and material presented at the mandatory sessions. Recommended extra reading material will also be presented.


Selection will be based on 1) the relevance of the course syllabus for the applicant’s doctoral project (according to a written motivation), 2) date for registration as a doctoral student (priority given to earlier registration date).



2021-03-15 - 2021-03-25

Course type



It is an intensive course over a two-week period, March 15 to March 26, 2021.

All teaching and learning activitites will take place online.

The course is open for PhD students enrolled at Swedish universities.
Week 1
Monday 9:00–12:00 Intellectual assets, NABC and SWOT
Tuesday 9:00–12:00 Intro to Design thinking and Empathy Map
Wednesday 9:00–12:00 Customer Satisfaction and Value Proposition Canvas
Thursday Mentoring (30min/PhD student)
Friday Mentoring (30min/PhD Student)


Week 2
Monday 9:00–12:00 Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas
Tuesday 9:00–12:00 Pitching and Marketing
Wednesday 9:00–12:00 Examination
Thursday Mentoring (30min/PhD student)
Friday Mentoring (30min/PhD student)

Course Number

KI: 3037


4.5 ECTS


This course is taught online.