Together the five of us have established SSES, our joint school devoted to offering our students education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship. So, if you are a student of ours: a special welcome! If not, check out our events and seminars.


Are you a doctoral student or PhD researcher?

Enrol in our PhD activities and explore topics in one of the foremost cities for entrepreneurship in the world. Our PhD activities are designed to connected you with peers and ideas in a setting that is cordial, peer-driven, university-independent and interdisciplinary. 

Connect with others who share common interests, and use this forum of open and positive critique to leverage interdisciplinary knowledge in your research.   

These activities are conducted in English and are open to participants from Sweden as well as abroad. Today, we offer two sets of core activities to our PhDs and doctoral students: PhD Courses and Paper Seminars. PhD activities are primarily open to participants from our member schools, though we welcome participants from outside our member schools as well.

Those engaged in our PhD activities are also eligible to participate in other SSES activities, such as all our training, events and more. Sign up via the tab on the right and stay updated.

PhD Courses
PhD courses are designed and delivered by faculty from our member schools. They are interdisciplinary in nature and explore entrepreneurship from a plethora of academic perspectives.

Completion of these activities grants ECTS credits. (Note that these activities are for PhD students only.)

We also offer five seats for PhD students in each of our Masters courses.

PhD Paper Seminars
In this activity, researchers present articles and receive feedback from their peers in the audience. By attending or presenting at our Paper Seminar, you exchange ideas with a trans-disciplinary team of researchers who are passionate about entrepreneurship research.


Current and upcoming courses

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Upcoming seminars

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Past seminars

02 May

PhD Seminar: The Size of Failure Matters: Learning from Minor, Medium and Big Failures

You have probably heard that you learn from failing. But do you learn more from failing big?

06 Dec

PhD Paper Seminar: Who dares, wins?

Who dares, wins? A study of organizational brinkmanship in family business.

09 Nov

PhD Seminar: Learning from Failure and Success in the Biotech Industry

Almost every aspiring entrepreneur have heard that the most effective way to learn is through failure. But what about learning from success? In this PhD seminar you will have a chance to see the learning outcomes from both failure and success.

12 Oct

PhD Seminar: TMI - Signaling Credible Claims in Crowdfunding Campaign Narratives

How does language and disclosing information affect crowdfunding campaigns? Apply for this PhD seminar and find out!

01 Mar

Paper Seminar: The structures, Meanings and Practices of Entrepreneurial Networking in Different National Contexts

A strong network is essential for any entrepreneur. In this PhD seminar we investigate how networking differs across cultures. We also ask what cultural mechanisms create these differences.

18 Dec

Paper Seminar: Moving In or Moving Out - The Impact of Family Capital Resources on Immigrants’ Exit from Entrepreneurship

Does the family of an entrepreneur have any impact on their success? On December 18th, Miriam Bird will examine the role of family capital resources on immigrant entrepreneurs. Miriam investigates the subject from a both social and economic perspective.

25 Nov

Paper Seminar: Effectuation as a Process

This study maps an entrepreneurial process of effectuation (Sarasvathy, 2001) by looking at a specific group of "entrepreneurial professionals", namely the intercultural trainers in their attempt to introduce re-entry training as a new product into the field of intercultural training.

16 Sep

Paper Seminar: Creativity Meets Performance

On September 16 Aleksandra Klein investigates how leadership style of a team leader and a number of other factors influence the creative performance in creative teams of European advertising agencies.

13 May

Paper Seminar: A Signaling Theory of Entrepreneurial Venture’s Valuation: Evidence from Early Termination of Venture Capital Investment

On May 13 Ali Mohammadi investigates how early termination of venture capital affect the ability of young ventures into acquiring further resources necessary for survival and growth.

07 Apr

Paper Seminar: Who acquires whom and why? Learning from successes and failures in life sciences

On April 7 Aviad Pe’er will explore acquisitions through the context of successes and failures in life sciences.