Biomimicry in entrepreneurship

An ecological future lies in the knowledge banks of nature’s elegant solutions taken from over 3.8 billion years of R&D, where nature has already found solutions to many of the challenges we are struggling with. In this workshop you will apply biomimicry to help solve entrepreneurial challenges by asking the question ‘what would nature do here?’ and ‘how can nature be viewed as a valid stakeholder in the design process?’

This workshop will offer:

  • new perspectives to sustainability and the ability to arrive at innovative solutions by looking at nature’s examples
  • how biomimicry shows new ways of creating value, managing growth and expanding entrepreneurial knowledge, where the ‘value’ is intricately tied to nature’s modes of sustainability
  • an eco-systemic perspective through which to view design challenges in order to achieve ecological solutions that deal with the complexity of climate change


Skills gained in this workshop

Participants will:

  • develop a new way to view, value and participate with nature
  • learn how to apply this skill as a design model for sustainable solutions
  • learn how to work in multi-disciplinary teams by using resources and values from biology and the life sciences
  • understand nature’s principles
  • learn and practice applying nature to help solve challenges and to achieve sustainable innovation
  • look how a variety of species adapt to their ecosystem, and how to translate these values into sustainable entrepreneurial solutions
  • understand Research & Development tracks which aid in ‘biologizing your work’
  • develop knowledge about the contemporary discourse surrounding biomimicry, biomimetics and bio-inspired design

Who should attend?

Participants should have:

  • a desire and openness to learn from nature
  • a drive to become a steward in the sustainability arena
  • an understanding that research is an important part of the process and practice
  • an understanding that knowledge gained from nature will help in sustainability design processes


All students and alumni of SSES member universities are eligible to apply to this weekend workshop. We get many applications and unfortunately cannot accept everyone. The selection process is outlined below:


  1. Application is reviewed
  2. Selection is made and confirmation email is sent out
  3. Participant must confirm his or her seat in order to secure the spot
  4. If spots are not confirmed in time, the waitlist will be reviewed and new participants selected

About the teacher

The foundation of Anna Maria Orrù’s work is embedded in biomimicry (Nature’s inspiration), artistic/design research and in curating performative research, providing alternate approaches to ecological design and sustainability to tackle the climate emergency. She is based in Sweden and Italy and holds a PhD in Architecture/Artistic Research from Chalmers University of Technology (title: ‘Wild Poethics’ 2017). She is Senior Lecturer at the Design Department at Konstfack – University of Arts, Crafts and Design with a focus on sustainability, but also lectures in other Swedish universities, including Italy. She is co-founder and co-director of Nordic Biomimicry, a center dedicated to collaborating with nature as a mentor, measure and method. In her spare time, she is a beekeeper and takes care of an olive grove.


Image credit: Christopher Backholm


Apr 17–18 - 2021
10:00 - 17:00




Applications are open until April 4th.


This workshop is free of charge.

Additional Information

This workshop is online.