Infuse your Life

With some Interdisciplinary Magic

Our immersive experiences transcend disciplines and are co-created with our network of experts from around the world. Join our forward-looking bootcamps and workshops to expand your mind, diversify your network, and transcend your imagination.

Weekend Workshop

Join us for an explorative weekend deep-dive into a specific skill set. In our highly intensive and interactive workshops you will do much more than just taking in information. You will explore, expand and deepen your knowledge into the subject through our antidisciplinary methodology. In order to ensure an optimal experience, we carefully select a maximum of 14 diverse, bright and engaged participants to join. Our workshops are free and students and alumni of SSES and our six member universities are all welcome to apply.

International Bootcamp

Our crown-jewel and most popular activity is the international Bootcamp. A week-long social immersion taking place somewhere around the globe in collaboration with our world-class academic and corporate partners. These bootcamps are designed and developed for our most engaged and ambitious students, giving them the tools and opportunity to address wicked problems and complex social challenges through antidisciplinary methods and collaborations. Through a meticulous selection process, we handpick one student from each of the six member universities in order to maximize diversity of disciplines, perspectives, cultures and genders. Our international bootcamps are free and students and alumni of SSES and our six member universities are all welcome to apply.


The Future of Life in Stockholm 2018

Design in Hong Kong 2017

Looking into The Future of Luxury together with outstanding experts at BODW, Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands.

Social Innovation in Iceland 2016

Exploring the implications and opportunities of the touristic boom in Iceland affecting species and transforming human experience in collaboration with the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and prominent think tank W.I.R.E.

Design Thinking in India 2015

Journeying into the nexus of Post-Modernism, Design and Diversity in contemporary India in collaboration with the National Institute of Design.

Antidisciplinary Action in New York 2014

Investigating the Future of Mobility in Gridlocked Cities in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design and the Ford Foundation.

Trendspotting in India 2013

Imagining The Future of Authenticity in collaboration with the National Institute of Design.