Happy 20th Anniversary!

Believe it or not, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. In 1999, three Professors from the Stockholm School of Economics, the Royal School of Technology and the Karolinska Institute came together in a shared vision to create a school of entrepreneurship. These men, Claes Gustafsson, Bengt Stymne John Skår, were reunited in the Nobel Banquet Blue Hall on Saturday September 28th to celebrate the impressive breadth and scope of their achievement and legacy. 

It was a magical night with 450 guests –  friends and family, faculty and students, former and current employees – together celebrating the past and looking forward into the future. Our very own Johann Gross and Maria Malmrud served as the conferenciers guiding us through the night’s adventures. 

The amazing Joanna Skywalker performed in a dance that left us covered in goosebumps, the talented Oscar Rutberg performed his own version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and our Executive Director, Rasmus Rahm, unveiled some of what’s going to come next. We also premiered our legacy movie, highlighting voices from our diverse faculty and founders, telling the story of how and why SSES came to be. 

The night ended with a bunch of surprises, including The Royal College of Music (KMH) being introduced as an official member of the family and the launch of our 20th anniversary book, Elevating Entrepreneurs, which was given to all guests as a parting gift.

And as always when Hoa Ly is the DJ, the celebrations lasted well into the night.

Cheers and thanks for being part of our continuous becoming!

Photos: Lukas Andersson