a digital platform to track your climate footprint

We are on a mission to make sustainable living fun and rewarding. Step by step. deed by deed.

We believe in science. We believe in such boring stuff as calculations, facts and figures.  We know that the society and consumerism we have today is far from sustainable. We want to do something to change it. At Deedster we also believe in communities, challenges and having fun. That is why we are making it fun and rewarding to change behaviour and attitudes.

It is not a secret that our planet is facing some serious sustainability challenges. Major political progress has been made in the last years, but we have a long way to go. As a private person, the biggest difference you can make lies in your decisions on how you consume goods and services. There is a big opportunity in changing some small things in our everyday life. Take the train instead of flying. Try a weird sounding vegetarian dish.

We need a new attitude in caring for our planet, and a change in attitude starts with a change in behaviour.

Deedster is a digital platform that automatically presents your climate footprint based on your consumption and lifestyle. The mobile app engages you to reduce your footprint through guidance and challenges in a gamified format. Tailored offerings around sustainable products and services synced with your ambitions of carbon footprint reduction helps you in the right direction.

Are you curious to find out more? Visit deedster.com for more info!