We accelerate companies like AIDA

“We want to use data and find patterns through machine learning in order to understand entrepreneurs and founders better”

What’s the biggest opportunity for you right now?
As mentioned by Harvard Professor Howard H. Stevenson: “Never before in history have so many individuals been able to identify and implement the definition of entrepreneurship: the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control”.

In spite of a lack of early academic attention, entrepreneurship and the act of undertaking has been around for centuries. Just look at SSES, where they have been teaching courses in entrepreneurship for almost 20 years.

In a similar manner, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now been around for over 70 years. However, it has only been until now that AI has really been able to take off. The main reasons being, the increase in computing capacity and also the vast amount of data we already have and keep creating.

We believe we have a great opportunity to combine these two areas and provide great value to the entrepreneurs and the startup community. Our aim is to not only empower existing entrepreneurs, but also discover individuals with potential.


What do you hope to do that no human can do?
It is said about the current state of AI that it should be able to do anything a human can do within 1 second of thought. However, our goal is a little different. We want to use data and find patterns through machine learning in order to understand entrepreneurs and founders better. Or in other words, we are using AI to make entrepreneurs more introspective. This is something we humans are still not very good at, especially when looking at group dynamics. By finding patterns, we can advise entrepreneurs on personal areas of improvement.

Why do you think Stockholm is a good place to start, and when can the city’s entrepreneurs benefit from this?
We believe that Stockholm is a great environment due to what we call the ‘knowledge spillover effect’. Many people already know that Stockholm is an amazing and a rich startup hub, you only need to look around and see how many young and old are trying to start their own ventures. What many don’t know is how open the ecosystem really is. What do we mean? Well let us explain:

Stockholm is a city where information is shared everywhere, CEOs with employees, friends with friends, parents with their children, teachers with students and vice versa. In Stockholm, we have really been able to see the network effect (and we don’t mean networking), where individuals are opened to sharing their knowledge and, thus, helping each other in the process. We think trust plays a huge role in this.

It has been so encouraging to meet with so many fellow founders, students and corporate employees and simply discuss all sorts of topics and ideas. Believe it or not, this has helped us a lot to understand and focus more on what we are trying to develop.