Production and dissemination of knowledge is an effort of global concern. As such, all activities designed for scholars offered at or via SSES are conducted through networks with universities around the globe. 

NORSI is the Nordic research school for Ph.D. students in the Nordic countries within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Doctoral students within innovation and entrepreneurial studies enroll to take academic courses offered by NORSI and its partner institutions. NORSI is also an active network in the innovation and entrepreneurship research communities.

Primary objectives NORSI 2021-2024

  1. NORSI will provide a world-class Ph.D. training program within innovation
    and entrepreneurship research, thus enhancing the quality of Ph.D. education in the Nordic area.
  2. NORSI will strengthen the Nordic connections in the innovation and
    entrepreneurship research community.
  3. Strengthen international orientation among Ph.D. candidates by providing
    access to an international research arena with world-leading researchers
    within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship

Read more about key impacts and added value for students, faculty and institutions that are part of NORSI here.


What does NORSI give our member students?

  • High-quality academic courses within entrepreneurship and innovation research
  • A flexible program intended to strengthen your knowledge of innovation-based research
  • An opportunity to be an integral part of a research network
  • Lectures by leading international scholars
  • Timely information about NORSI courses and research
  • The opportunity to develop a strong network among other NORSI students and meet NORSI faculty


Flexible Program: Doctoral students enroll to take courses as an integral part of their doctoral studies either from the beginning of their studies or later in their doctoral research. NORSI is a flexible and complementary doctoral program developed to fit students’ individual research progress and course requirements at their “home” institutions.

Doctoral Courses: The NORSI course portfolio covers innovation and entrepreneurship research ranging from management and firm perspective to a broader systems approach, and seeks to understand the process of innovation and its relation to economic growth by specializing in innovation systems, policies, globalization of innovation, entrepreneurship, social changes of innovation, and sustainability transitions.

Partner Institutions and Network: NORSI is a networked-based research school that consists of 28 partner institutions:

1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)Project owner/host
2. BI Norwegian Business School (BI)Coordinator/Co-host
3. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)
4. Nord University (NORD)
5. Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
6. UiT – The Arctic University (UiT)
7. University of Agder (UiA)
8. University of Oslo – TIK (UiO-TIK)
9. University of Stavanger (UiS)
10. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)
11. Kristiania University College
12. University of South-Eastern Norway  (USN)
13. Norwegian University of Life Science  (NMBU)
14. OsloMetropolitan University (OsloMet)

15. Circle, Lund University (CIRCLE)
16. Chalmers University of Technology
17. Halmstad University College – CIEL
18. Jönköping University – Jönköping International Business School (JIBS)
19. Linköping University
20. Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES)
21. Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Through SSES
22. Stockholm School of Economics Through SSES
23. Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University  Through SSES
24. Luleå University of Technology
25. Blekinge Institute of Technology
26. University of Gothenburg – GOT KIES
27. Linnaeus University
28. Karlstad University

29. University of Iceland, Reykjavík
30. Reykjavik University

31. Aalborg University
32. Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

33. LUT (Lappeeranta university)

Read more about NORSI here.

How to apply for NORSI student membership

In order to apply to a specific course, please visit the courses page and apply directly at the host university, after you have confirmed your Norsi membership.

NORSI has continuous enrollment. To enroll, please use this form.


NORSI Program Director
Roger Sørheim
Professor NTNU

NORSI Project Coordinator
Elise Irgens
Phone: + 47- 950 32 261

SSES Contact

Marianne Castrén

Rasmus Rahm


At The Nordic Academy of Entrepreneurship (NACENT) we introduce the most valuable knowledge from entrepreneurship and innovation to PhD students in various other disciplines.

Just like its apt homonym, NACENT represents the start of something promising. When individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives collaborate, they bring unique insights and experiences to the table. This fosters the generation of fresh ideas, deepens mutual understanding, and often leads to breakthroughs that would have otherwise remained elusive.

This burgeoning network will begin trudging a path to allow scholars in any and all disciplines to do just that. Through the prioritisation of interdisciplinarity, networking, and research, NACENT is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation literacy for students who may not have access to it elsewhere.

A Growing Community

In the realm of NACENT, 'scholar' is a term that defies disciplinary boundaries, encompassing everyone from PhD students to experienced researchers at various career stages. The network, while primarily rooted in the Nordics, further extends its embrace and invites participation from scholars across the globe, to ensure a diverse and inclusive academic community.


NACENT orchestrates an array of doctoral courses that interlace innovation and entrepreneurial practices across diverse disciplines. Currently these are the established PhD courses from SSES along with a pioneering pilot course designed to guide participants on a journey tailored to their interests. This course serves as a springboard for deeper exploration into specialised areas, whether in venture creation or in crafting value with societal impact.