Rasmus Rahm

Rasmus Rahm, Executive Director

Rasmus Rahm is the Executive Director of SSES. Rasmus, born in 1982, is a Swedish business scholar and PhD candidate at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at the Stockholm School of Economics. His thesis concerns the impact of entrepreneurship education on graduates’ subsequent entrepreneurial behaviour.

Rasmus holds a MSc in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics (2009) where he defended his master’s thesis concerning subsequent entrepreneurial behaviour among entrepreneurship graduates. He also holds certificates from Harvard University (2012) and from the Cambridge-MIT Institute (2005). Rasmus has served at SSES for over ten years, and in his eight years as Director of Education and Training, he worked closely with member universities on developing the course and activities portfolio. Rasmus has previously served as interim CEO for the business incubator SSE Business Lab (2006) and is the founder of several startups.

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