Grand finale – New beginnings

In 2006 Pluto was downgraded, Google bought Youtube, and SSES launched Startup Day, gathering a small and growing community of entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts under one roof. It was the first such roof of its kind.

Today, it warms our heart to see that we were a part of driving entrepreneurial growth, and more importantly, cultivating a need for more growth. Startup Day created a diverse and open forum for students, alumni, investors and enthusiasts to connect and discover. Today, we are both proud and humbled to see an ecosystem grow from a few primordial elements to one teeming with hundreds of entrepreneurial animals of all kinds, each fulfilling a crucial role in their own right, and each contributor delivering value to growing interests in entrepreneurship, and an increasingly entrepreneurial population.

Today, ten years after the first SUD, after hundreds of speakers spoken, thousands of co-founders met, tens of thousands of attendees attended and millions of hands shook, it reassures us that our students, alumni and greater SSES family have a flourishing selection of events through which to be inspired. Today, this abundance allows us to focus on new areas of opportunity for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education, and to dive into unexplored areas of interest for us all.

For this reason, after ten heartwarming years, the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship has taken the decision to bring the Startup Day chapter to a glorious close. Yet, no chapter ends without turning the page, and no page turns without beginning a new chapter.

We’re eager to launch a few new and exciting endeavours born at SSES, which we’ll be announcing soon, and we hope you enjoy these as much as we all enjoyed Startup Day.

Rasmus Rahm
Executive Director