The Edge Program

We are happy to introduce the third iteration of the SSES EDGE program for aspiring change agents. EDGE (Entrepreneurship, Development, Growth, and Ethics), developed by Nadav Shir, PhD, based on his research into entrepreneurship, ethics, and well-being, is tailor-made to help participants uncover their personal (entrepreneurial) vision and turn that vision into a living reality. Going beyond conventional approaches to education, this program is a journey towards life orientation. As a participant, you will gain an increased self-understanding, and will develop skills necessary for moving towards personal growth and well-being.

What you get

During the course of one semester, individuals from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and cultures will meet in weekly sessions on topics such as ethics and moral vision, motivation, self-regulation, identity and well-being. In addition to the weekly sessions, you will get a tailor-made introduction to the local innovation ecosystem and join the community of diverse minds that make up the SSES universe.

our aim

Our aim with the program is to provide you with an increased understanding of yourself, the world, and your place in it. Offering plenty of time, attention and resources, the program is designed to support and empower you to develop and deepen your personal and entrepreneurial vision, and to help you move from thought to action in pursuit of your vision.

Who should apply?

The program is geared towards students (currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree or PhD) and alumni from our member schools, who are interested in taking the next step in their own personal development and who want to explore and deepen their entrepreneurial vision. We are looking for individuals with an intellectual curiosity and readiness to explore and change themselves and the world for the better. The program is highly popular and selective, and we will only admit a handful of participants each semester. We welcome diversity. Applicants can be of any age and from any background, can have an idea for a project, startup or a company of their own, or not.

Selection criteria:

In order to be eligible for the program, please submit an application through the SSES website, including your CV and your answers to questions about yourself. This program is focused on helping individuals to broaden their self-understanding their possibilities for taking action. You do not need to have your own startup in order to participate.
Based on submitted material, a handful of students will be chosen to join the program. Applications open on November 1st. All material must be submitted through the SSES website by midnight December 1st. Accepted students will be notified in the first week of December. The program will start in January 2021.

Program DIrector and developer

Nadav Shir, Ph.D., The Department of Management and Organization, Stockholm School of Economics

Student Testimonials

“Thank you for offering this program. It has impacted my life and been of great relief answering questions i have had and questions I did not know I wanted asked and answered.”

“Nadav is an inspirational teacher and EDGE shows how much he cares about the important problems in the social sciences and how unafraid he is to address what others ignore. He communicates his ideas with passion and I will always be grateful that he chose to share them.”

“Truly an outstanding program which should be offered to as many students at Konstfack as possible. We need it!”

“it was one of the most rewarding courses I’ve ever taken in my entire university life.”

“Nadav is an expert on the above and the only professor that has captured my undivided attention for 3 consecutive hours, week after week!”

“This program was much more than I could have expected, it’s an experience that can restructure an interested student into a better version of him/her self.”


Jan 30 - Mar 21 - 2021


SSES, Saltmätargatan 9, 4th floor


Introduction Weekend: 30-31 January (both days 10-16)
Fridays 9:00 - 12:30: 5 February – 12 March.
Thursdays 12:00 - 15:00, face-to-face meetings. Booking by students.
Final weekend 20 March - 21 March (both days 10-16)


Applications are open until November 30th