Partners & Friends

A one-of-a-kind catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration, we have built a strong global network connecting the world of academia, business and government. Since 1999, SSES has grown to educate and deliver thousands of entrepreneurial students into all kinds of ecosystems, in Stockholm and around the world.

Back then, few were championing the cause of entrepreneurship and innovation. Today, we’re excited to exist alongside a wealth of opportunities for our students, alumni, and faculty in an increasingly entrepreneurial world.

In striving to assemble a comprehensive offering for an increasingly demanding student and alumni body, diversity and collaboration have emerged as key elements. It was clear we needed an offering built on diversity and collaboration, delivering relevance, quality, and impact.

Today, one of these offerings takes the shape of a network of partners, expansive in scope yet sharp in intent. Created to gather the complementary strength of a growing entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, with a mission to deliver and to reap impactful opportunities to all those involved.

Join us and our partners in becoming greater than the sum of our parts.

Partners and Friends