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Since 1999, the Erling Persson Family Foundation has made possible the establishment and continued developments of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), a unique collaboration between the leading universities of Stockholm, KI, KTH, Konstfack, SSE, SU and KMH. Since its inception, more than 22,000 students have participated in the interdisciplinary programs offered by SSES and the community of enterprising individuals exists across the academic, public and private sectors, in Sweden and abroad. More than 40% of SSES alumni create their own companies, and today this network of entrepreneurs run more than 1,500 self-founded organisations around the globe, employing more than 10,000 people.

At heart, SSES is designed to offer students and researchers a sandbox to explore and realize their imagination with people from diverse disciplines, backgrounds and industries. Thanks to its impact on individuals and the economy, several countries and universities have emulated the SSES model to replicate what the Erling Persson Family Foundation has made possible in Stockholm over the past two decades.

Stockholm School of Economics

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is a private university that trains young and mid-career students for leading positions in the private and public sectors. The school currently has 2,200 students and its researchers rank among the best in the world in areas such as health economics, finance, business law and economics.

The school was founded in 1909 thanks to the efforts of businessmen such as K.A. Wallenberg, Olof A.Söderberg and Joseph Nachmanson, and generous donations from the city of Stockholm and the state. Inspired by similar institutions in America and Europe, the school grew quickly in its early years. And in 1926, it moved to new purpose-built premises on Sveavägen.

In 1999, SSE became the first Swedish university to be fully accredited by EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System) certifying that the school’s teaching and research in all fields have been found to meet the most rigorous international criteria.

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