Six months after we launched SSES Validator, we’re sad to announce that this ambitious project is now over. Concluding six months early due to incredibly high demand, we’re excited to have worked so well with you our network and partners, serving over 75 deserving innovator recipients throughout Sweden. We’re happy to have offered support to so many, and to have awakened so many dormant innovators to go out and test their dreams. Stay tuned for possible extensions of Validator.


An idea can be the start of something small, something big, something innovative. We help you explore where your idea might take you. Pursuing an idea can be difficult. There are many hurdles along the way like personal resources, market demands and finances. Are you on track with your idea? Have you defined your target group?  Do you know how your competition is doing? Validator gives you the chance to answer all those questions and minimize your own risk by covering the costs of validating your innovation. Whether you want to test your idea at a global conference, conduct a market analysis, or produce your first prototype – Validator is here to support you. All you need is a university degree and the wish to validate your idea. Apply today and be one of the lucky ones to explore whether your idea has what it takes. We will be handing out a total of 75 grants of up to 50.000 SEK each and accept applications on a rolling basis.


The Validator is designed to be as inclusive as possible, and welcomes all university alumni who are over 18 years old and have a Swedish personnummer. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this grant to current university students or those employed at a Swedish university.

Keep me updated about future Validation opportunities at SSES

Applications are closed


Validator is a financial program that supports and validates early-stage ideas.


For you as an innovator, validation can take up time and resources. By covering the cost of your validation, Validator is able to give your idea the chance it deserves, without you having to take any unnecessary risks. We recognize that not all ideas have the same needs, so you need to tell us how you wish to validate, and how much it would cost.


You apply right here on the website. The application form contains all essential criteria we need to make a decision and we encourage you to be as descriptive as possible. After we have received your application you will get an email notifying you of our decision. Decisions are final and if you are accepted, you will receive more information about the next steps of the process. Your budget is a key element of your application, so please be as detailed as possible. Not all ideas need 50 000 SEK to validate, but you have that amount at your disposal if needed. If you prefer, we can also provide support and suggestions on how your idea could be validated. Additionally, grant recipients will receive soft-landing support into our ecosystem.

Please note: During July 2018, the evaluation will be closed. Incoming applications in July will be reviewed in August 2018, when the selection committee resumes evaluation.


As a cherry on top, once you’re done validating, and ready for the next step we’re here to soft-land your idea into the innovation ecosystem. Our extensive partner network ensures that your idea will find the perfect match in the ecosystem. Also, those accepted to Validator are later encouraged to apply to our Fellowship program to grow from think-up to start-up.


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