early-stage support to your idea

Fellowship Program

Give yourself a three-months boost at SSES Ventures and grow your think-up into a start-up.


What it is:

The Fellowship Program is a platform where SSES member school students and alumni can nurture, develop and test their early-stage ideas and projects in a pre-incubation stage. It is an extra-curricular program designed to be taken parallel to studies or a day job.

What you get:

  • 1-1 coaching, by our senior business coach
  • advisors: industry-specific experts offering their perspective on your idea and its progress
  • corporate Partners: a broad range of business services to help you overcome early stage hurdles
  • office Space: at SSES Ventures, or apply to get into one of our partner hubs, spread out all around town
  • network: exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs in a diverse and interdisciplinary setting


Selection criteria:

  • individuals and teams can apply
  • ideation stage project (PowerPoint stage)
  • dedication and availability to meet a Senior Business Coach at least once per month
  • applications are open all year around. The batches are announced on the third Thursday of each month
  • at least one member of the team is an alumni or student of one of our Member Universities



Let food be thy medicine

Read about Synbiotic Kitchen founder and SSES Fellow Aline and why you should follow your gut feeling.


"All of a sudden it was not only us, three KTH students who were secretly working on an idea, but a whole eco system who believed in us and were willing to support us to make it happen"

Linnéa Vesterlund

"Companies are built by people, so it’s important to find the right ones. Finding those with the right competence, experience, mindset and values is hard, but totally worth it."


Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Technologists.