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On a mission to provide the next generation of changemakers with the right tools and mindsets to navigate the uncharted waters of innovation. Ventures is your entrepreneurial dream come true. Exploration, incubation and acceleration all under one roof and open for students and alumni of our member universities.

Fredrik Heghammar

Our New Advisor!

Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Technologists


EQ Accelerator

Linnéa Westerlund

“I believe that the Fellowship is suitable for people in the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. The business coaching and the workshops are of great value when learning about starting a company.”


Frida Roberts

New Accelerator Advisor

“In a world where the game rules change faster than ever before, solving complex problems will require interdisciplinary methods and teams.”

In Stockholm today, there is a marked interconnectedness and diversity of the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Stockholm serves as an incubator for its actual first market, the world. Founders and teams learn through each other, share experiences and dare new things at an unprecedented pace, turning the city into a cradle for innovation and the cross-pollination of knowledge.

Being an entrepreneur today means being able to understand connectivity on an entirely new scale. It means finding opportunities in the unknowns of interdisciplinarity, and thinking globally from day zero.

With a mandate to equip each generation of entrepreneurs with the right tools and mindsets to navigate the uncharted waters of knowledge and innovation, SSES Ventures rises from almost two decades of pioneering practical and theoretical entrepreneurship to do just that.

SSES Ventures is the result of a vision for a better society, through resilient companies, by the best entrepreneurs.




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