A universe of knowledge

Six universities, hundreds of disciplines and thousands of students. The best thing: courses are recognised as internal at our member universities and counts toward your degree. You apply the same way you would for other courses at your university. Just select and enroll in each course you want to join and design your own diverse learning experience.

A Cutting-edge education

Our core courses follow the four stages of venture creation, from idea to managing a growing business. These are the pillars on which your entrepreneurial knowledge is built. Through our context courses you get to immerse yourself in specific industries and areas, gaining insights and discovering opportunities. Our skills courses provides you with practical techniques like design thinking, negotiation, trendspotting and much more. These are the marathon shoes that have you hitting the ground running the minute you leave the classroom.

An interdisciplinary network

Reap the serendipities of knowledge in a community of curiosity. Make friends at other universities, engage with our world-leading faculty, get to know alumni founders and meet our global network of partners who can enrich and assist you on your personal journey. Grow your social capital while you study and welcome serendipity long after you graduate.


For phds.

Our PhD activities let you explore topics in one of the foremost cities for entrepreneurship in the world. Our PhD activities are designed to connect you with peers and ideas in a cordial, peer-driven, independent and interdisciplinary environment. Connect with others who share common interests and conduct open and positive critique to leverage interdisciplinary knowledge in your research.

PhD courses are designed and delivered by faculty from our member universities. They are interdisciplinary in nature and explore entrepreneurship from a plethora of academic perspectives. Completion of these activities grants ECTS credits.

In PhD Paper Seminars, you present your ongoing research and exchange ideas with a team of your interdisciplinary peers. Connect and engage in insightful discussion and feedback with researchers you’d never meet anywhere else.