Welcome to the family, KMH!

We have an exciting announcement to make; our family is growing! We are honored to welcome the Royal College of Music (KMH) as our new member university!

As Rasmus Rahm, our Executive Director, put it; “Entrepreneurship is in itself a creative process, and it has a lot to learn from both musical theory and practices”. We are looking forward to seeing KMH students in our classrooms, bringing their disciplines, knowledge and outlooks on life to the table of interdisciplinary education.

One KMH student who has already attended the EDGE program while doing her masters in music production, Sara Sayed, discovered that entrepreneurship could be so much more than just the practical aspects of starting a business. As Sara herself put it: “ It all boils down to figuring out what my values are, getting clear about my idea and how and why I want to make it into a reality. It does not have to be about money: it is just as relevant to create value for society or to question status quo through art and to work for change. With other words stepping away from the me-me-me-perspective one easily gets stuck in as an artist.”

This new collaboration between KMH and SSES will serve to broaden the notion of entrepreneurship education and further its development, both when it comes to implementing the creative process of music into our courses, and in making our entrepreneurial toolkit available to KMH students.

A big welcome to KMH! We are absolutely thrilled to have you on board.