Viktor Broberg

“My favorite word is impact – in the sense that you do something which has a positive impact on the greater good”

What’s your favorite word, and your definition of it?

Impact – in the sense that you do something which has a positive impact on the greater good. Thrilled to see that so many job applicants focus on the impact – what is more motivating than that?

To whom or what do you most attribute your success so far?

To all the people who managed to turn things like school, hockey practices, finding the perfect partner, and work performance into competitions – I am not a fan of loosing

At what point in your life journey did you realise you were entrepreneurial? 

Having spent a lot of time at my dad’s tire centers I always knew I wanted to be part of building a company. But being entrepreneurial – maybe when realising I had a life-time of Gold-account at Playahead after having traded Profile designs to credits?

What do you think makes you different than other entrepreneurs?

The fact that I can’t answer that question – I am not sure what defines other entrepreneurs or what people think of me, all that matters to me is being part of building a company which others believe in.

What’s the biggest opportunity for you right now? 

With a desperate need to manage growth while maintaining quality standards digitalization is finally booming in the construction industry. How can you increase output by 70% whit an insignificant growth in number of talents?

What’s the biggest risk you face right now?

With the desire to digitalize everything there is, our customers are coming up with tons of ideas – making sure we focus on the right things both short-term and long-term is truly a challenge.

What’s most important for a startup: cash, culture, or talent? Why?

With the right talent and culture, you will be able to do more with the cash you have – so I would start there. Once you have that in place customers will also be more willing to invest in you as partners and thereby ensure you have the cash to deliver.

What’s the most important personal or professional trait you look for in an employee or co-worker?

I am lucky to have co-workers that thrive when being given more responsibility – ownership is essential for being able to grow.

You’re an SSES alumn. Has SSES influenced or affected your journey? If so, how?

I started coming to SSES after we had established a founding team and developed a beta product so for us it was a lot about being challenged by people with different perspectives and to develop a business model together with experienced entrepreneurs. The main reason for being at SSES is the diversity in talent which you can leverage in whatever way you like (and need)!

What’s one trend you’re most excited about in the next 5 years? 

Transparency. With recent trends such as data, public ratings, and a push for sustainability companies will have to be more transparent – and they will benefit from it. I hope that companies will win deals and grow for what they actually deliver, and not from how they portrait themselves.

You’re stranded on a desert island with the one thing you need to found a successful startup. What is that one thing? 

A direct line to one of my co-founders – their networks are invaluable. If the timing had been off and I hadn’t been able to work with them I am sure they would have been my go-to-channel for setting up a team.

You meet your biggest role model (historical or current) at a mingle.
1. Who are they? 
2. What’s the first thing you tell them about yourself.
3. What’s one thing you hope they never find out about you? 

1. Mats Sundin – one the most successful Swedish hockey players of all times and famous for his leadership skills.
2. That I am a major fan of how he carried the team and the way he inspires people to always dream big.
3. That one of the reasons I started playing with his jersey number was because 21 was too popular.

You find yourself suddenly walking up on stage to your own TED talk, without any preparation. What do you talk about? 

How scuba-diving with sharks is the most effective cure for fear of water