Welcome to the future of the classroom. Stick us in your ear and press play, today.

For thousands of years, students sat under tree shade, in flame-lit caves, huddled in huts, in damp monasteries, in cold brick buildings, in airy auditoriums, in virtual video calls, and in other seats of learning throughout the history of seats of learning.

They sat because school. They sat because class. They sat because student. And, as history would presume: if they fits, they sits.

Today, as the future would predict, they no longer fits.

Today, students are on the move. And those moves have a soundtrack. They eat jams for breakfast, beats for lunch, rock playlists all night, and the volume only goes up.

Today, students stop only to plug in their charger. They only go indoors to order a goatmilk and vegan honey latte. They remove their earphones only to ask what you’re listening to.

Today, students are evolving. They’re mobile with mobiles. Their fuel is knowledge and it has rhythm. From cellos to solos to 808s to f-bombs. Music is the new coffee. Ears are the new eyes. And as the ancient haiku proverb says,

‘If it was written
And you know it should be said
Then dare to sing it.’

So, it is now time for academia to meet the emerging demands of the ever-evolving student, and we at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship have done just that.

Today, SSES is proud to announce that all our course content will be released as musical tracks.

From singles to EPs to mixtapes and mashups, SSES will offer its entire course catalogue through Spotify, Apple/Youtube Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and MySpace.

Students without a music service membership will receive a free course cassette in the mail. Henceforth, essays and other written work will only be accepted if comprised primarily of song lyrics. Additionally, students will be encouraged to speak in verse when giving their final presentations. Finally, students may need to attend physical examinations at one of the following locations: Ibiza, Glastonbury, Coachella, or the Västerås Polka & Reggae Festival.

Students are the orchestra of knowledge, and we at SSES believe that the only way to turn that dial to 11 is to blast that knowledge in stereo on loop at an excessively high bitrate.

Welcome to the future of the classroom. Stick us in your ear and press play, today.

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