Courage and grit

dare to try it out

“As long as you dare to try out and do it, you will achieve much more than you initially thought was possible”

What is your connection to SSES, and how has it influenced or affected your journey?
PocketLaw started its very journey at SSES! We were provided with our first proper office space and some well needed financial support. SSES was the place where we started to become a proper company.

What advice would you give those just starting as entrepreneurs?
Find a good partner! We would never have had as much fun, or gotten as much well needed support, without each other. Two equals four or more! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially in Sweden, the start-up community is an incredible place to be – people are so willing to go for a coffee and tell you about their wins and losses.

How would you describe your company and what is your vision?
PocketLaw is a legal tech company, disrupting the legal industry with the mission to become every company’s digital in-house lawyer.

What personality trait do you think is most important for success?
A combination of courage and grit. If you never try out and do things, nothing will happen. Similarly, if you just give up in the first place, nothing will happen.

What’s one trend you’re most excited about in the next 5 years?
Maybe an obvious answer, but automation and digitisation. It will be so interesting to see what we’ll do with all this capacity freed out when we start to use digital tools that automates and improves existing processes.

What’s the biggest opportunity for you right now?
We released our platform this spring and have seen an overwhelmingly positive response from customers – a lot of companies, of different sizes, in different industries across Sweden seem to be wanting to use simple, affordable and efficient digital solutions to solve their legal needs. We have an incredible opportunity to bring digital legal support given this huge interest.

What’s the biggest risk you face right now?
To keep up this amazing pace of successful product releases, team expansion is crucial but finding the right people is hard. Our biggest risk right now is being forced to slow down due to the competitive landscape when it comes to recruiting tech in Sweden.

What’s more important for a start-up: cash, culture, or talent? Why?
Talent! However, talent is very much linked to culture and cash which are prerequisites. Without a good culture, talent cannot thrive, and sadly sometimes without the cash, it can be hard to attract the right talent (although an inspiring founding team, a great business idea, and a nice company culture do get you quite far).

You find yourself suddenly walking up on stage to your own TED talk, without any preparation. What do you talk about?
That you can always do more than you think is possible. Especially in Sweden, we tend to downplay our capabilities and dreams. We’re bad at dreaming. But our journey with PocketLaw has proved that as long as you dare to try out and do it, you will achieve much more than you initially thought was possible.