Tobias & Maria at Transponder come from very diverse fields but unite in their understanding of how a transformation of society and a regenerative future is dependent on the unleashing of collective intelligence and creativity.

Maria “Decida” Wahlberg is a co-creative and has been working with creative direction, direction, movement direction/improvisation and facilitation with one leg in the hybrid called pop culture and the other in organizational development and transformation processes. The bridge in between is a front line practise in the contemporary mix of (pop) art & culture, music, style/fashion and dance-scenes, the experience from the “Life Style” sector, along with a theoretical understanding of media and the hyperreality, subculture and participatory culture in a socio-economic-psychological context. These are her entries into the future of co-creativity and the view of organisations as living organisms (Teal, NextGen organisations) + Society 5.0. Theory U (M.I.T), Social Presencing Theater, Deep Design Thinking etc builds a backbone for process leading, learning journeys and co-creation and communications from an evolutionary purpose.

Tobias Tagesson works with organisational development, process management, facilitation, teaching management and leadership support with organisations, groups and individuals. He has 20+ years of experience as an educator and manager, both in the public and private sector, and has worked with people, learning and development in many different roles, such as a school director for different levels of education, as a certified upper-secondary school teacher, educator for adults, project manager and head of operations development. He also has deep knowledge and experience from working with issues concerning e.g intersectionality, LGBTQI+ and public sector management. Tobias’ core concepts when working come from a Gestalt approach, which also influences his belief in NextGen-organisations (Teal), with an emphasis on making contact, creating dialogue, raising awareness and supporting conscious choices. A view on the individual as well as an organisation as a living organism that adapts according to its needs in contact with the surrounding world.