Ole Petter Ottersen

Ole Petter Ottersen, Association Member, Vice Chancellor at KI

Ole Petter Ottersen took office as the Vice Chancellor of Karolinska Institutet on August 1, 2017 after having served eight years (2009-2017) as Vice Chancellor of the University of Oslo (UiO). From 2002 to 2009 he was Director of Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience – one of Norway’s Centres of Excellence. He has served as Dean of Research at UiO’s Faculty of Medicine (2000-2002) and as Head of the UiO’s Department of Anatomy (1997-1999). In his time as Vice Chancellor, he led the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (2013- ASSOCIATION 2015) and NUS- Det nordiska universitetssamarbetet (2013- 2015).

He has headed one of UiO’s interdisciplinary initiatives (EMBIO; now UiO:Life Science) and one of the major national programmes of the Norwegian Research Council (FUGE: Functional Genomics in Norway).