Andy Cars

Andy has worked with some of the world’s largest companies to help build their innovation capabilities.

He takes a holistic approach to innovation that includes designing innovation strategies, setting up innovation accounting systems, identifying and mitigating barriers to innovation, and training and coaching executives and teams on how to do it all in practice.

Clients include H&M, Essity, Bayer, Telia Company, Tieto, Philip Morris, SMHI, and BillerudKorsnäs.

Andy is currently on the investment committee of the European Innovation Council that is tasked with funding European startups. He has also co-written ISO 56002, the world’s first international guiding standard for innovation management.

By combining his experience from working with large multinational companies, running accelerator programs, and being a coach, mentor, and in some cases business angel to more than 200 startup teams, Andy provides unique insights into what is required to raise funding, grow, and innovate at scale.

Andy has a magna cum laude MBA from the European University in Lisbon and speaks fluent English, German, and Swedish. Andy is based in Stockholm but in the winter he dreams of living in southern Europe.