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In order to keep you up to date with the latest insights and ideas from the intersection of medicine, technology, economics, design, and the humanities, we offer a bunch of different events and lectures. Since our inception in 1999 we have hosted some of the most interesting minds of our time including Ray Kurzweil, Hans Rosling, Ronald Jones and Guy Kawasaki as well as rising stars such as Claudia Olsson, Simone Giertz and Eric Wahlforss.

Offering people a space to make sense of a constantly emerging reality, we are determined to push the boundaries of the future, engaging people in dialogues around topics including The Future of Authenticity, The Future of Education, The Future of Design and The Future of Death.

Past events

APPLY NOW to NUS Enterprise Summer Program 2019

SSES students are invited to the NUS Enterprise Summer Program 2019, held from 14 to 27 July 2019. This year’s program is poised with a focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in Southeast Asia, one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world.

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Design for Inclusion

Help us make Stockholm a more inclusive city. During an intense one-week experience, you will work together with students from a variety of disciplines and cultures to design and prototype solutions that benefit people with disabilities. 

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Smart Cities Singapore

Join us for an exciting bootcamp into one of the smartest cities in the world, Singapore.

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Diversity in Higher Education

On October 12, we are happy to invite you to a seminar with Lilian Thuram on the topic on diversity in higher education.

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SSES x Gather

Through a unique collaboration between SSES and Gather Festival, students from a plethora of disciplines will be invited to co-design and curate the experience of Gather Festival 2018.

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Alumni Homecoming

The Ambassador of Sweden, Mr Håkan Jevrell and Mrs Catharina Jevrell and the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship kindly invite you to your Alumni Homecoming.

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A Rich Legacy

StartUp Day

For more than 10 years, SSES’ flagship event, the Startup Day, has been at the heart of the Stockholm startup scene, bringing over 1500 curious minds, fearless founders, unicorns and Startup enthusiasts under one roof.

Today, after hundreds of speakers spoken, thousands of co-founders met, tens of thousands of attendees attended and millions of hands shook, the startup ecosystem in Stockholm is more flourishing than ever, allowing us to bring the Startup Day to a close and dive into new, unexplored opportunities. We hope you join us.

Good Morning

SSES’ annual Good Morning event investigates the game-changers and disruptors of tomorrow. Good Morning brings future trends, cutting-edge innovations and inspiration to over 600 participants from the industry, academia and beyond. Join us and make the uncertain future a little more certain with us.


AMA, or Ask-Me-Anything, is an intimate event giving our closest friends and students the opportunity to talk to some of the startup scene’s most inspiring figures and talents from face to face. Find out about their morning routines, wildest dreams and greatest failures – ask them anything!

SSES X MeetUps

Share ideas with your future business partners in crime or just bond over a mutual love for cat videos – the SSES X MeetUp brings together our students from our five member universities. No matter if you’re studying at Konstfack, SSE, SU, KI or KTH – this is your chance to meet peers and alumni from all our SSES courses.

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