Live AMA with Jan Carlzon

Inspirational leader, serial entrepreneur, acclaimed author, and active investor – Jan Carlzon has done it all. We have invited the “Grandfather of Tech” to our upcoming Live AMA on February 14th.

For decades Jan Carlzon has been a visionary in business and leadership. From introducing the world’s first separate cabin for Business Class to re-designing Scandinavian Airlines’ entire corporate identity, Carlzon has been a leading force in positioning the SAS Group where it stands today. His emphasis on the intersection of customers and employees as what he calls “Moments of Truth” in his eponymous book, has shaped new ways of doing business and redefined leadership, making him the most successful author of a management book Scandinavia has seen.

Ever since, Carlzon has founded several companies – from telecommunications, internet to investment. He has served as chairman to a variety of organisations, including the Swedish Tennis Association, the British Swedish Chamber of Commerce or the Marshmallow entrepreneurs’ organisation Företagarna, only to name a few. He is an active figure in the investment landscape, and still today considered one of Sweden’s most charismatic leaders.

Inspiring people around the globe as popular speaker, we are excited to be welcoming Jan Carlzon as next guest to our Live AMA series on February 14th.





Feb 14 - 2018
09:00 - 11:30


Saltmätargatan 9