Insight Mapping: Making sense out of data

Being able to analyze and use data is sure to be one of the most important skills to have in the future.
Seeing as how the way you interpret data can mean the difference between spotting a fantastic opportunity or letting one slip through your fingers, the topic can be a bit daunting. During this short session we will give you the skills to identify patterns in data and reveal truly mind-blowing insights. You will get an introduction to the origin of insights, how decisions can be traced back to the research that informed them and ways to use data to justify decisions to investors, employees or other stakeholders.

Skills learned in this workshop

  • How to identify patterns in data and reveal crucial insights
  • Techniques to turn raw research into relevant analysis
  • How to map and interpret insights that deliver a competitive advantage
  • Ways of leveraging data to justify decisions to important stakeholders

Who should apply?

This 1-hour session is relevant for anyone interested in data and insight analysis. The aim is to give participants the skills to apply their insights directly to their business or opportunity. However, this workshop is relevant even if you don’t have a current project of your own. Being able to interpret and use data is sure to be one of the most important skills of the future.


All students and alumni of SSES member universities are eligible to apply to this Toolbox Friday. We get many applications and unfortunately cannot accept everyone. The selection process is outlined below:


  1. Application is received
  2. Application is reviewed
  3. Selection is made
  4. Confirmation email is sent our to the selected participants
  5. Participant must confirm his or her seat in order to secure the seat
  6. If spots are not confirmed in time, the waitlist will be reviewed and new participants selected

About the teacher

Jared has a unique perspective that bridges the analytical and the creative spaces. Having practiced in several design firms of small and medium size, and worked collaboratively in large multinational corporate teams, the entrepreneurial mindset has helped deliver successful projects for some of the world’s most recognized brands. In his current role, Jared is continuing his trend of identifying opportunities and delivering them to market, as he establishes the European arm of Australian- and US-based design ventures studio, Josephmark.


Mar 23 - 2018
08:30 - 09:30


Saltmätargatan 9, 4 tr


Applications are open until March 9.