Implementing Design thinking

Learn to “walk-the-talk” and implement the methods of Design Thinking in your everyday life
We have all heard of Design Thinking and the idea of placing human needs at the center when trying to solve a challenge or design a product. As a concept, it seems pretty straight-forward. But are you really walking the talk and implement these notions in your everyday life and work? During this short session, we will give you some tips and ideas for how to better implement the ideas of Design Thinking in your work.

Skills Learned in this seminar

  • Ideas on how to put your design thinking skills into practise
  • Hands-on methods that can be easily integrated into your daily work
  •  A further exploration into the topic and where it’s going

Who should attend?

This seminar serves as a great opportunity for those of you with a strong interest in entrepreneurship and design thinking. In order to get the most out of the experience you should bring an openness to exploring the concept and a willingness to immerse yourself into the context of another person. Also, you should have some previous experience with Design Thinking (be it a short introduction or a course).


All students and alumni of SSES member universities are eligible to apply to this Breakfast Seminar. We get many applications and unfortunately cannot accept everyone. The selection process is outlined below:


  1. Application is reviewed
  2.  Selection is made and confirmation email is sent out
  3.  Participant must confirm his or her seat in order to secure the spot
  4.  If spots are not confirmed in time, the waitlist will be reviewed and new participants selected


Oct 26 - 2018
08:30 - 09:30


Saltmätargatan 9, 4 tr


Applications are open until October 12.