Co-creating for a Regenerative Future

Creative processes are essential to entrepreneurship. As a student within interdisciplinary education, it’s important to become aware of how to create the necessary conditions for successful collaboration to reach mutual creativity and collective intelligence across disciplinary boundaries, to become conscious system-thinkers with better tools to navigate complexity.

This Weekend Workshop on Co-creating for a Regenerative Future; increasing creativity and innovation through awareness, practices and living systems-thinking is about raising awareness across disciplines of how to create reiterative conditions for co-creation, collective intelligence, and unleashing the potential of individuals and teams to tackle the large and complex challenges of our time.

Skills gained in this workshop

Participants will get:

  • Awareness of how a holistic, systemic and relational view on collaboration, co-creation, can influence the outcome of creative processes.
  • A deeper understanding (a meta-perspective) around your own lived experiences from co-creation and creativity.
  • New insight through experienced-based practises to support individual and living systems awareness and through relevant theories and practices, learn supporting structures for how to unleash creativity.
  • In a practical way, use the awareness of how co-created systems design, with multi-perspectives integrated, plays a central role in shaping a sustainable civilization, in both the material and immaterial dimension of the metadesign – from which regenerative future can emerge.
  • Awareness of the possibility to handle uncertainty through an iterative process designed to spark creativity, where you sense and respond, to gain alignment, step by step.

Who should attend?

Participants should have:

  • Curiosity to learn and willingness to share your own experiences and cases.
  • An open mind towards transformation within yourself and in relation to our society.
  • To put aside any preconceptions towards collaborating across boundaries and disciplines.


All students and alumni of SSES member universities are eligible to apply to this weekend workshop. We get many applications and unfortunately cannot accept everyone. The selection process is outlined below:


  1. Application is reviewed
  2. Selection is made and confirmation email is sent out
  3. Participant must confirm his or her seat in order to secure the spot
  4. If spots are not confirmed in time, the waitlist will be reviewed and new participants selected


Nov 27–28 - 2021
10:00 - 17:00


SSES Office, Saltmätargatan 9, 4th floor


Applications are open until November 14th.


This workshop is free of charge.

Additional Information

This workshop is offline.