Entrepreneurship – Personal Development


The course examines both personal and managerial challenges that are typical of different stages of the entrepreneurial process – startup, growth, change of director, etc. Using this framework, the course will discuss issues of particular importance to entrepreneurs and to those interested in facilitating entrepreneurship in their organizations: developing an entrepreneurial mindset, motivating and managing one self and others towards creativity and innovativeness, building and maintaining a supportive network, and developing effective entrepreneurial teams are some of the topics covered in length during the course.


Upon completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Analyze and explain the role of entrepreneurship for one´s life and career and for society as a whole
  • Argue for common challenges when deciding to expand and grow a venture and understand and demonstrate how individuals can remain entrepreneurial
  • Explain the attributes of entrepreneurial teams and argue for how various strategies can be employed when deciding to create a viable entrepreneurial team
  • Understand the “problem” of motivation in growth; its antecedents, its effects, and its relation to entrepreneurship, and how it can be stimulated and sustained
  • Recognize the importance of emotions in general and well-being in particular to growth and innovativeness
  • Realize the power of perspective taking; prepare and develop your own (entrepreneurial) mindset for success


The course provides a socio-psychological approach to personal development and growth by utilizing entrepreneurship as a framework for promoting major personal goals in work and life. Built on years of research in the fields of entrepreneurship and organizational psychology the course is designed to provide students with theories and practical tools necessary to deal with the problems and opportunities involved in developing and managing oneself and others in entrepreneurship. Students must have a minimum of 120 university points.


The course will mix and match lectures with debates, discussions and workshops by the students as well as leaders in the field.


The course language is English.


2021-01-19 - 2021-03-11

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The course runs after 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 2-3 hour sessions.

Course Number

KTH: ME2832, SSE: 8076, KI: 2XX073


7.5 ECTS-credits

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Swedish Course Name

Entreprenörskap - Personlig Utveckling