The Affinity

The finest no-strings attached acceleration program


In our accelerator, Affinity, we connect cutting-edge entrepreneurs with world-class advisors and experts from multiple backgrounds to enable cross-disciplinary innovation and create solutions for solving wicked problems. Why? Because the world is way too complex to be explained from one single perspective. Affinity is free of charge and open for all member university students and alumni to apply. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

noun; [əˈfɪnɪti/]:
1. a natural liking for an understanding of someone or something.
2. a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, especially a resemblance in structure.
3. the degree to which a substance tends to combine with another.

Affinity is a phenomenon seen across disciplines such as geology, chemistry, medicine, computing, biology, and geometry. In each context, the definition of affinity is substantially different, yet it always retains a connotation of natural attraction and relationship among its elements.

In our accelerator, Affinity is attained through combining leading minds across disciplines, convened to design and prototype solutions to complex challenges. Affinity at SSES Ventures is the most interdisciplinary accelerator in Sweden’s innovation ecosystem today.

We bring together advisors and companies from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to favor cross-disciplinary innovation.

The program equips the next generation of entrepreneurs with the right tools to navigate the uncharted waters of innovation. To achieve this ambitious goal, we created an environment in which companies and selected individuals work closely to develop the knowledge and enact meaningful change.

The program is fully customised and self-designed around the needs of each startup. We expose and guide companies through a creative, knowledge-rich and multidisciplinary environment comprised of the four main elements:

Tailor-made, curated and exclusive acceleration

Free-of-charge. No strings attached support.

Creative, knowledge-rich and multidisciplinary environment

World-class advisors and vast global network


  1. Minimum two people in the team.
  2. The team must address a challenge that has a high level of complexity and involves multiple disciplines.
  3. The team is not and will not be enrolled in another acceleration program at any one of the SSES member university incubators in Stockholm.
  4. The service/product has solid business potential and possibly a clear, positive social impact.
  5. At least one team member is an alumni at one of the five SSES member universities.
  1. The program has no rigid structure, and is instead co-designed with the team, mentors and advisory board around the challenge that is being addressed by the team. The duration of the acceleration is also designed according to the needs of the team, ranging from one week to two years time, in Sweden or abroad. We deploy SSES resources to create the best environment for the team, without limiting them to a one-size-fits-all acceleration structure.
  2. ​We guarantee exposure to a diverse, multidisciplinary, global ecosystem of industry and academic leaders, acting as advisors and mentors for your team.
  3. ​We offer office space, strategy advisory, networking and access to business services.
  4. ​We accept applications on a rolling basis.