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Swedish for Entrepreneurs


February 18 to 19, 2017


10 am to 5 pm (both days).


SSES office, 4th Floor, Saltmätargatan 9


Application is closed.

Are you a non-native Swedish speaker interested in improving your Swedish in a fun and entrepreneurial context?

Swedish for Entrepreneurs is a Swedish language Weekend Workshop focused on entrepreneurship and Swedish professional culture and society. This two-day workshop is for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to improve their Swedish language competence. The course is at an A2 level, however, participants with some previous knowledge in the Swedish language are welcome to apply. We expect varying levels in participants' previous language knowledge; prepare work together with a diverse group of people from all over the world!

Content of this workshop:

  • How to give a professional introduction of yourself in Swedish
  • How to network in Swedish and how to follow up on your contacts
  • Get an insight into the Swedish startup scene
  • Practice pitching a business idea in Swedish
  • Get an understanding for basic Swedish grammar

Skills learned in this workshop:

  • Increased confidence in speaking Swedish in professional settings
  • Increased Swedish entrepreneurship vocabulary
  • Public speaking experience in Swedish, in areas such as professional introduction, networking and pitching business ideas
  • Increased understanding of the structure of Swedish grammar


Katarina Waern

Skills Trainer

Katarina Waern is a Language Coach at Swedish for Professionals and SSES. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has a background working with companies and institutions in Beijing, Stockholm and Hong Kong in the business and educational fields. Most recently she got involved in the non-profit sector in Hong Kong where she worked on advancing diversity and inclusion in Asian workplaces. During her time in Beijing and Hong Kong, she worked as a Swedish and English teacher.

Katarina believes in creating the world’s best business climate by helping each international talent to reach their full pontential.

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