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February 24, 2017




SSES Campus, 5th Floor, Saltmätargatan 9


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Today's fastest elevators reach speeds of 70km per hour. If you need an entire 30 seconds to pitch your company, you’re toast. But pitching isn't about speed, it’s about content and focusing on the right words.

Your own pitch language (and how you use it) is the one thing holding you back from everything you're up there pitching and fighting for. This Toolbox is about finding the essence of your startup, what to say, what to omit, and how to find the recipe for a succinct and unforgettable pitch. 

Content of this workshop:

  • Discover your startups's core-words; your five second pitch
  • Build and elaborate on these core-words into a pitch prep map
  • Using this pitch map as a tool for specific pitch situations

Skills learned in this workshop:

  • How to build and use a pitchmap to align your pitch with your target 
  • How to focus your pitch content, and know what not to talk about


Marwan Ayache

External Relations Manager

Mob: +46 (0) 70 524 95 09

Marwan grew up in eight countries across four continents and now counts Sweden as his home. With a background in English linguistics, langauge and literature, Marwan found the Stockholm entrepreneurship/startup scene a surprisingly compatible arena from which to grow, connect and learn.

Today, his prime directive is connecting SSES with organisations, partners, individuals and collaborative efforts, as well as overseeing the SSES events portfolio.

For fun, Marwan scuba dives into the depths of the Stockholm startup ecosystem, including mentoring at the Stockholm Startup Weekend Hackathons, co-organizing the Sthlm TechMeetup (now Europe's largest monthly startup event), co-organizing the annual Sthlm TechFest (Sweden's largest annual tech startup event) and a few other events.