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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

February 3-4, 2018




SSES, 4th Floor, Saltmätargatan 9


Applications open until january 26.

Creating online campaigns can easily be learned from a Youtube tutorial. This workshop will focus on understanding the underlying mechanics of online marketing, and will provide the reasoning tactics and tools that enable the crafting of highly effective marketing strategies.

Content of this workshop:

  • Introduction to online marketing strategy
  • Creative strategy, Copywriting, execution and shipping
  • Understanding quantitative marketing strategies and unit economics

Skills learned in this workshop:

  • Learn the basic mechanics and benefits of online marketing
  • Learn how to craft a sound online marketing strategy
  • Understand the importance of creativity and how to optimise it for online marketing
  • Create a basic online campaign and understand its strengths and limitations
  • Learn the logical reasoning behind quantitative online marketing strategies


Adam Peleg

Skills Trainer

Adam Peleg is an entrepreneur and strategic consultant with a focus on tech business strategy and innovation culture. Adam pioneered m-commerce when he co-founded Mixtiles, one of the first successful startups in this field and have worked on digital products reaching millions of people. Adam has provided strategic consulting to dozens of startups worldwide and is a returning lecturer at Hyper Island. Currently he focuses on innovative community building and the non-profit project He holds an MBA from Bond University of Queensland, he has a background in design and is native speaker in Swedish, Hebrew and English.