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Naming your Venture - The Power of Names

Naming your venture

November 25 to 26, 2017


10 am to 5 pm (both days).


SSES office, 4th Floor, Saltmätargatan 9


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When Abracadabra changed their name to AMAZON their performance went through the roof. Names can be life-or-death for start-ups. The value of a successful brand name is incalculable. So what makes a great name? How can we create one?

Content of this workshop:

  • The business value of names: A company’s name is life and death
  • Brand semiotics 101:  How do we process and remember names? Why are names so powerful?
  • Brave new words, brave new worlds: How do we make new names, and words? Why do some live forever – and others vanish without trace?
  • The naming process: How do organizations develop names? What four factors influence naming?
  • Family names: Brand hierarchies and product families, names and numbers

Skills learned in this workshop:

  • Devising powerful new names for companies, projects and products.
  • Harnessing the full power of names across media, social channels, continents and product families.
  • Understanding the key signifiers triggered by brand and product names.
  • Exploiting the brand name as a primary business value that runs through all of the company’s stories, content and marketing.


Mark Du Bois

Skills Trainer

Mark Du Bois is a copywriter and corporate trainer based in Stockholm. He regularly holds in-company training on digital and creative copywriting at Berghs School of Communication, where his clients have included SKF, GE Healthcare, Sony Mobile and more. He worked for six years as a writer and trainer for B2B PR agency Sitris and currently manages the communications and content marketing for two Swedish B2B companies.