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Growth and Personal Development

Growth and Personal Development


December 2-3, 2017


10:00-17:00 (both days).


SSES, 4th floor, Saltmätargatan 9


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Entrepreneurs are ultimately self-determining. Starting, running, and expanding your business demands a whole lot from any entrepreneur, yet it also offers unique opportunities for personal growth and development.

What is the content of this workshop?

  • Examine  problems and opportunities that arise from developing and managing yourself and others under challenging conditions
  • Learn how to develop and manage yourself and others under these conditions as an entrepreneur  

Skills learned in the workshop?

  • Ability to recognise conflicts related to self-motivation and commitment in your professional and personal life
  • Useful tips and tricks to resolve these conflicts and personal deadlocks
  • Ability to use practical tools to manage your own (and others) professional motivation and commitment
  • Ability realise the power of adopting a different perspective, and how to use it to prepare and develop your own (entrepreneurial) mindset for success


Nadav Shir

Course Director

Nadav Shir is a researcher and teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics. He has been living in Sweden since 2003 and holds a Ph.D. degree in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. In the years 2012/2013 he was a visiting researcher at New York University/Stern School of Business. He is fluent in English, Swedish, and Hebrew.

Nadav‘s research and teaching mainly concerns the intimate relationship between entrepreneurship and well-being. More specifically he looks at how individuals’ well-being is related to entrepreneurship; to motivation, commitment and determination to enter into and persist in entrepreneurial activities, as well as to creativity, problem solving and innovation in organizations.

For his dissertation, Nadav has developed a novel theoretical framework that is currently being adopted by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Consortium, the largest ongoing study of entrepreneurial dynamics in the world. Nadav also gives lectures and workshops on how to support employee motivation and well-being to stimulate innovation and creativity in organizations.