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Conscious Communication and Active decision-making

Conscious Communication


October 28-29, 2017




SSES, 4th floor, Saltmätargatan 9


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In order to communicate consciously and take mindful decisions one has to learn how to be real with oneself. Being real is being honest, authentic, having integrity and exposing true feelings to and for yourself, and your peers.

This could mean daring to be vulnerable (a element of bravery rather than weakness) and to speak your truth in a crowd. We believe that with these skills the participants of this workshop will experience less stress and anxiety, improve your relations, and grow closer to the real you.

Skills learned in this workshop:

  • How to keep it real on the winding path to success 
  • How to communicate consciously with oneself and others
  • How to look at the future as a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.
  • Energy flows where focus goes.


Neo Moreton

Skills Trainer

Trained yoga therapist, Yoga teacher trainer, fundraiser for Urban OM and Reach Within. Holds workshops and classes for, E&Y and H&M.

Neo Moreton is the CEO of the yoga studio Urban OM, a centre that believes that change comes from within and its mission is simple: To play a pivotal role in raising human consciousness by providing urban oases for city dwellers to meet, connect and explore being together. Neo has been consulting, leading groups, retreats and workshops for the past fifteen years. He holds a Law degree and Executive Education from Columbia Business School & IE Business School. He is also a trained yoga therapist and yoga teacher trainer. Neo has a fundraising track record where he successfully raised 5 million SEK in angel- and seed financing for Urban OM. He also founded and raised 20 million SEK for the foundation Reach Within in New York.

He creates workshops and classes for, E&Y and H&M, offering them expert guidance in yoga and meditation for the employees’ optimal wellbeing and creativity as well as individual and group “burn-out-syndrome” recovery programs.