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Communicating Innovation

Communicating Innovation


February 9, 2018




SSES, 4th floor, Saltmätargatan 9


Applications open until january 26.

People who invent great products are sometimes disappointed by the reactions of peers, managers and consumers. A more impactful communication method might sound like a winner in theory but in the real world selling the idea is complicated by social factors we often don't consider. In this workshop we discover how this happens and how you can communicate to avoid it.

Content of the workshop:

  • Why innovations fail or are delayed due to hidden social factors.
  • Diagnosing the reasons for the failures of innovations.
  • Addressing resistance to innovations in our daily work.
  • Methods for creating an environment where these problems are mitigated.

Skills learned in this workshop:

  • An understanding of how new products are often rejected because of their social impact.
  • How to communicate innovation more effectively allowing for the complexity of social factors.
  • How to build innovation-friendly communication processes into an organization.


Andrew Hennigan

Skills Trainer

Andrew Hennigan is a lecturer, freelance journalist and speaker coach based in Stockholm who teaches networking, influencing and communication workshops for companies, business schools and universities. He is also author of the book “Payforward Networking” based on his business school courses and writes regularly about influencing, innovation, digital marketing, culture and leadership.