Together the five of us have established SSES, our joint school devoted to offering our students education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship. So, if you are a student of ours: a special welcome! If not, check out our events and seminars.


The SSES team consists of people ranging from the management team and student support at our central office, Centre Directors and faculty based at our five local member SSES Centres, to professionals in our classrooms, training sessions and boardroom. In addition, SSES has in excess of 200 guest lecturers, trainers and mentors that support our activities each year.

Rasmus Rahm

Executive Director

Mob: +46 (0)73 200 04 40

Maria Malmrud

Education and Training Manager

Mob: +46 (0)72 988 77 88

Marwan Ayache

External Relations Manager

Mob: +46 (0) 70 524 95 09

Anna Jakus

Event Manager


Ingela Winberg

Financial Controller

Mob: +46 (0)70 674 44 90

Akseli Kaukoranta

Education Coordinator

Ola Gustafsson

Marketing Communicator

Mob: +46 704 333 674

Lisa Forsanker Duvaldt

PhD Coordinator

Mob: +46 (0)70 982 38 82

Essam Sharaf

KI Ambassador 
+4673-7888 176

Anna Espelage

Project Coordinator

Jonna Mayer

Course Assistant

Terrence Brown

Centre Director & Course Director, KTH

Associate Professor, KTH
Head of the Business Development and Entrepreneurship Department, KTH

Jessica Lindbergh

Centre Director & Course Director, SU

Centre Director & Course Director, SU

Mikael Samuelsson

Centre Director & Course Director

Assistant Professor, SSE & Director, SSE Business Lab
Mob: +46 (0)76 864 70 68

Martín Avila

Centre Director, Konstfack

Center Director

Carl Johan Sundberg

Centre Director, KI

Professor, KI
Mob: +46 (0)70 517 68 86

Carin Holmquist

Course Director, SSE

Professor, SSE
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, SSE
Tel: +46 (0)8 736 93 55
Mob: +46 (0)70 336 93 55

Hanna Jansson

Course Director

Coordinator, Unit for Bioentrepreneurship, KI

Madelen Lek

Course Director

Co-ordinator, Unit for Bioentrepreneurship, KI

Birgitta Schwartz

Course Director

Associate Professor, SU

Anna Söderblom

Course Director

Board Professional
Mob: +46 (0)8 736 93 41

Gregg Vanourek

Vice Center Director and Course Director, KTH

Adjunct Lecturer, KTH

Peter Kelly

Guest Faculty

Professor of Practice, Aalto University
Mob: +358 (0)41-503 45 08

Nadav Shir

Course Director

Ingela Sölvell

Course Director

Researcher, Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership, SSE

Cecilie Hilmer

Project Manager, Unit for Bioentrepreneurship, KI

Oytun Yildirimdemir


Toolbox Friday Trainer: Sell Fast, Sell Lean. Co-Founder

Hanna von Schantz

PhD student, Stockholm University School of Business

Emelie Ekblad

Associate Faculty

Social Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor

Erik Alenius

Skills Trainer
+46-8-736 94 46 (Office)
+46-709 749 545 (Cell)

Ulf Eriksson

Senior Advisor, Campus Incubation

Mob: +46 (0)70 399 96 25

Hlín Helga

Associate Faculty

Designer, Curator and Educator at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts

Stephan Sigrist

Associate Faculty

CEO of the Think Tank WIRE

Nils von Heijne

Skills Trainer

Partner & Creative Director, Pronto Communication

David King

Skills Trainer

CEO, Flexenclosure

Mikolaj Norek

Skills Trainer

Mob: +46 (0)73 776 97 59

Janice Boyle

Skills Trainer

Laura Lilja

Skills Trainer

Kirsten Zerbinis

Skills Trainer

Theresia Silander Hagström


Toolbox Friday Trainer: Sell Fast, Sell Lean. Co-Founder

Katarina Waern

Skills Trainer

Erik Byrenius

Skills Trainer

Håkan Tribell

Skills Trainer

Sune Kaae

Skills Trainer

Emma Rose Metcalfe

Skills Trainer

Cath Richardson

Skills Trainer

Rich Nadworny

Skills Trainer

Director Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Dartmouth Dickey Center. Capacity Building Lead at Transformator Design.

Neo Moreton

Skills Trainer

Trained yoga therapist, Yoga teacher trainer, fundraiser for Urban OM and Reach Within. Holds workshops and classes for, E&Y and H&M.

Alex Wang

Skills Trainer

Sourcing Manager of Scania. More than 6 years international working experience in sales, sourcing and commercial development. Guest lecturer at Halmstad University.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Association Member

Rector & Professor, SU

Maria Lantz

Association Member

Rector, Konstfack

Peter Gudmundson

Association Member

Rector & Professor, KTH

Stefan Persson

Association Member

Executive Chairman of H&M, appointed by the Erling-Persson Family Foundation

Lars Strannegård

Association Member

President, SSE

Karin Dahlman-Wright

Association Member

Rector, KI

Hans Wigzell

Chairman of the Board and Association Member

Professor, KI

Bengt Lindberg

Board Member

Professor, KTH

Eddie Weitzberg

Board Member

Professor, KI

Eugen Steiner

Board Member

Partner, HealthCap

Pär Åhlström

Board Member

Professor & Vice President, Degree Programs, SSE

Anna Omstedt-Lindgren

Board Member

Founding Partner - MedUniverse

Ulrika Mörth

Board Member

Professor, SU
Head of Department, The Department of Political Science, SU