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Rethinking Recruitment

27 Apr, 2017
Aleksandra Josimović

Aleksandra Josimović's dream is to create a whole new way to get a new job, with the clever use of an AI and a unified web platform. So she joined the Fellowship program at SSES. Here's her story:

What is your idea about? 
My idea is to help companies and job seekers to schedule an interview with their dream candidate/company in less than 48 hours through our AI smart and unified web platform. Our dream is to make a platform that helps people to find their true calling and not just another job. They won't be judged by how well their CV has been written, but by their knowledge and passion.

Why did you apply to the SSES Fellowship?
At the moment when my idea was born, I was looking for guidelines how to bring my idea from ideation phase to execution. I was lucky enough that Alberto’s Corti, campus coordinator at SSES, was a guest lecturer in my Ideation course at KTH, where he presented the Fellowship program. I was initially a bit intimidated when taking the first step, and locked in my assumption that having an idea is not enough, but Alberto’s personal energy and drive during his presentation helped me to realize that SSES Fellowship would be the perfect place for me to start my entrepreneurial journey - and the right time is now!

What features and opportunities about the Fellowship attracted you most?
SSES creates amazing entrepreneurial community made from unexperienced enthusiasts with big dreams and courage to bring them to life to experienced mentors and serial entrepreneurs. SSES helped me to build a supporting community and network around my dreams and my entrepreneurial life which has accelerated my learning curve from day one.

What is your main challenge and how do you overcome it?
My main challenge is time management. In order stay on track and move fast, I am challenged to master time management, multi tasking and above all prioritizing. When I started to work on my idea, I realized that I need to accelerate and diversify my learning curve by coping different areas at the same time, from finance to marketing and engineering. My education equipped me with useful knowledge and the ability to acquire new knowledge and skills fast, but SSES taught me to ask for help and accelerate progress through my entrepreneurial community.

Do entrepreneurs enjoy meeting and working at SSES Campus?
SSES Campus is the place where you can always meet and work side by side with amazing, inspirational and brave people. It is a place where entrepreneurs are working hard, laughing harder and living their dreams every day. Not just one day, not tomorrow, not yesterday. It is a craftsman's house where every day a new and unique peace of art is made.

What’s your plan post-Fellowship plan?
I will continue to work hard to convert my dream into sustainable business. Experience and knowledge that I gain during fellowship program motivate me to apply for SSES Business Lab or KTH Incubator, and to continue to work even harder towards my goals.

Who would you recommend the Fellowship to?
Fellowship program is for all dreamers, believers and people with desire to make some difference and they are not sure where and when is right time to start. If you have an idea, a dream and urgent need to bring that dream to life the fellowship program is perfect place for you. Entrepreneurship is building the plane while flying it, but SSES provide you with a parachute.