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Innovation in your box: Why meaning – not ideas – is the key to success - Estrad, Esbri

19 Apr, 2017
Roberto Verganti & Åsa Öberg

Date: May 9, 2017
Time: 15:00-17:00
Place: Playhouse Teater, Drottninggatan 71A, Stockholm

Welcome to the open Estrad lectures, organized by ESBRI.

Today’s world is overcrowded with attractive, fun and challenging ideas. Yet, organizations struggle to deliver real innovation. Ideas may be created “outside the box”. But when time for action comes, real change does not happen. Why? Because we lack direction and commitment, argues Roberto Verganti and Åsa Öberg. During this lecture, they will explain why innovation journeys should begin by understanding what is meaningful to the organization, and its customers. Drawing on examples from Gillette, Gucci, Nest, Alfa Romeo, Philips Healthcare and Deloitte, they will unveil the secrets of meaning-driven innovation.

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Please note that this lecture will be held in English.