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SSES moves Out of Office and into the Future

30 Mar, 2017
Hop on the SSES Magical Mystery Tour
Bizbus: the office of the future?

This weekend, after eleven wonderful years, the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship will finally leave its office at Saltmätargatan 9. Many formative and fond memories will now give way to exciting new adventures.

From Monday onwards, the organisation will 'go mobile' in an effort to better connect with its stakeholders around the the city's entrepreneurship ecosystem. The innovative plan will see SSES move its admin team out of its office in Rådmansgatan and permanently onto a newly-purchased bus [pictured].

The recently-acquired vehicle, a refurbished tour bus unofficially nicknamed the 'bizbus' is the result of a complex plan almost one year in the making. The bizbus allows the organization to adapt a more dynamic presence in accordance with the evolving demands of its geographic network. 

Asked about the decision to abandon the traditional office setup, Executive Director Rasmus Rahm was positive, 'It just makes sense. People have been working in buildings for centuries. This will lower our rental costs, which we would now spend on parking fines.'

The bus will feature an open space for co-working and meeting, gigabit ethernet, a Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite Experience espresso machine, several private booths for phone calls, two bathrooms, and a 48-speaker DigitalCryztal™ TrueSurround™ sound system. Previously, the bus had belonged to a musician's entourage crew, before being impounded and sold again to the school.

'This new solution might be worse for the environment, but our logo is green so it balances out, when you think about it.' explained External Relations Manager Marwan Ayache.

'Nothing says enthusiasm, professionalism and determination like arriving to an afternoon meeting at 8:45am, and waiting in the parking lot', said Marketing Communicator Ola.

Alberto, the Campus Coordinator welcomed the move, 'If we want fika or lunch we can just drive-thru McDonald's. It's genius. If someone has a meeting somewhere we can just drop them off and pick them up later.'

SSES Education Coordinator Akseli Kaukoranta, the only member of the team with a bus license, earned during his time in the military, will be the driver for the foreseeable future. In time, after vehicles become autonomous, Akseli will be invited to come back to work with the rest of the team.

SSES is proud to take this evolutionary step forward and encourages others to follow our lead and embrace the freedom of mobility, especially in such a beautiful city as Stockholm. The organisation is happy to answer questions about the logistics of evolving the office from building to bus.