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SSES Campus Fellowship Program - The Urge of Going International

13 Mar, 2017

SSES Campus Fellowship Program - Your Entrepreneurial Life Starts Here.

The SSES Fellowship Program allows SSES member university students and alumni to nurture, develop and test early-stage ideas and projects at a pre-incubation stage. It is an extra-curricular program designed to be taken in parallel to studies or a day job. During the Program entrepreneurs develop, reflect and iterate their ideas together with our advisory team as well as a personal mentor, with tailored business coaching throughout the 12 weeks. The program also offers skills-training, both on an individual and group level.

In the past two years we have noticed a major trend in Stockholm’s innovation scene. Although there are hundreds of innovative companies, the city is a vibrant ecosystem and a cradle for disruptive ideas, Stockholm´s innovation needs to dare more. Today’s most pressing challenges are indeed global, and scouting opportunities worldwide is becoming a must in most industries. In a connected society and interdependent marketplace, we believe that thinking globally from day one will be one of the most influencing success factors for tomorrow's companies.

This is why we want to carve the next generation of entrepreneurs with a new mindset and a new set of skills. LEAP is a step in this direction. Copenhagen and Helsinki are two cities with a very long history of innovation, and we are proud to work closely with two of their most prestigious institutions to achieve such a vision: Copenhagen Business School and Helsinki Think Company. We believe that integrating Stockholm's entrepreneurial ecosystem to Copenhagen's and Helsinki's will help creating a new entrepreneurial wave in Europe, more capable of thinking big and not afraid of taking on those global challenges that have been left unsolved until now.

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