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VRSCIFEST Workshop 2: Visualization for Scientists / Pre-Production

15 Feb, 2017

Date: March 2nd 

Time: 5pm - 7pm

Presenter: Elena Malakhatka

Location: SSES Campus, Saltmätargatan 9, 5th floor


What does your scientific idea look like? How do you reach a wide audience with your idea? Following up on the workshop of how to tell your scientific story, we look at how to use a variety of visual means to engage our audience.

The study of visualization has a long history in both technology and education. The goal of visualization for scientific areas is to be able to accurately and effectively communicate different types of information through the creation of imaginary representations for a wide variety of audiences.

Visualization for scientists is an external interdisciplinary workshop that aims to explain different types of visualization of scientific ideas: from creating 3D models to developing VR projects.

Why scientists and researchers today want to visualize their ideas:

  • desire to communicate science to a wider audience;
  • diversity of activities involved in making scientific visualization;
  • short-term nature and immediate gratification of visual project.
  • just took the opportunity to learn about visual design and filmmaking when it came along.​

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