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SSES Remembers Hans Rosling

10 Feb, 2017
Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling, world famous international health professor, has passed away.

Hans Rosling, world-renowned professor of international health, passed away Tuesday morning February 7, surrounded by his family.

We at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship remember Hans for his passionate commitment in explaining and visualising facts and figures about human health and education, dispelling fiction and misconceptions, delivering them to the world in a series of ground breaking and ‘edutaining’ lectures. SSES had the great pleasure to have Hans as a speaker at our startup seminar in 2009 and at SSES Good Morning in 2012.

Throughout his life, Hans persevered with his mission to improve the health and life conditions for the poorest people in the world, and by using animated graphs he effectively dispelled conceptions about social, economic and environmental issues, proving that the world is in constant development, different from just 25 years ago.

Hans Rosling’s work within public health and education will continue to inspire, engage and challenge us all for generations to come.