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A Peak into Gregg Vanourek's New Book

26 Jun, 2012
Authors, Gregg and Bob Vanourek.
Authors, Gregg and Bob Vanourek.

Triple Crown Leadership, uncovers the secrets of excellent, ethical and enduring organisations, and as one of SSES' most inspiring teachers we cannot wait to have a peak.

The book which is co-authored with Gregg's father, Bob who has also been the CEO of numerous global companies merges their joint experiences, alongside interviews with leaders in 61 organisations around the world including Zappos, Google, Share Our Strength, Xerox, Spotify, eBay and some companies founded by SSES alumni like Wrapp.

Jumping between high and low-tech, big and small corporate and nonprofit, the book promises insights to excellent organisations. We caught up with Gregg to ask about the differences between leadership in startups and more traditional companies. 'Startups operate in a much different environment, which has some advantages (e.g., flexibility, speed) but also some real challenges, especially extreme uncertainty, resource constraints, and time pressure.' He went on to say 'entrepreneurs must be able to build a team that can survive those extreme challenges. They should focus on their ultimate aims with the venture, develop a keen sense of their own strengths and weaknesses and vet people in advance before working with them - from potential business partners, to investors to key suppliers and customers - to ensure a fundamental fit with their values and vision.'

Alongside more broad topics Triple Crown Leadership digs a little deeper into special circumstances such as leadership in startups and social impact organisations with practical applications at the end of each chapter. It is easy to imagine that the book will be as engaging as one of Gregg's courses. Parting advice from the author on the book was that great leadership is not so much about the leader but developing leadership throughout an enterprise. 'Building an excellent, ethical, and enduring organisation requires entrepreneurs to give their people a licence to act and lead. We look forward to reading it.

The book is now available to pre-order and you can download a peak of some chapters at the Triple Crown Leadership website