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Workshops 2012: Welcome to the show

01 Feb, 2012

Never before have we had the pleasure to offer such an extensive portfolio of SSES workshops to our students. Structured as either Weekend Workshops, Toolbox Fridays or International Bootcamps our workshops are all about expanding and polishing your entrepreneurial toolbox. They are all carefully developed in close collaboration with SSES students and alumni to offer hands-on behavior changing training. Although the topics are general in nature, all workshops are designed for the context of the entrepreneur. All workshops are free to attend and open to all students at our member schools.

Weekend Workshops offer in-depth study and exploration of specific skill sets. To ensure participants get the most from each workshop they are held in small groups of no more than 14 participants. Not surprisingly, they are held over weekends.

Toolbox Fridays give you an initial glance at a specific skill set. As they are introductory in nature they are held in somewhat larger groups with up to 30 participants. And, as you may have guessed, they are organised on Friday afternoons.

International Bootcamps are held around the globe together with our partners and friends. Challenging but rewarding they are designed for our most engaged and devoted students. They are sporadic in timing but keeping an eye open for them is certainly worthwhile.

Today we have delivered over 200 of these training activities, and more importantly they are our highest quality rated activities to date.

Also, if you take the opportunity to register for a workshop in the coming week you might be one of the five applicants receiving a free ticket to Start-up Day 2012. Not bad, huh?

Welcome to the show!

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