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Bluewalks rewarded the SSES Business Plan of the Year Award

20 Aug, 2009

SSES is proud to announce that Bluewalks has been chosen for the “ 08/09 SSES Business Plan of the Year Award”.

Since the year 2000, SSES has rewarded student business teams who have presented an outstanding business plan during the academic year with the SSES Business Plan of the Year Award.


Since Bluewalks first represented the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in Venture Challenge in San Diego, the team has continued to improve its business plan and excel in a number of competitions. In the TechCrunch Pitch Competition, Sze Min Lek’s three minute pitch received ovations from the Editor of TechCrunch Europe, Mike Buther, saying “That’s got to be the best pitch I’ve ever seen”. Recently, Bluewalks also won the SeedRocket camp in Spain, getting investment and coaching during 6 months in the Barcelona Activa Incubator.

More about Bluewalks:

Bluewalks is an online and mobile service for travelers to enhance the quality of the time that they spend while planning and enjoying a trip. Bluewalks online is where Google Maps meets Wikipedia with social networking. bluewalks mobile is a GPS-navigation system to enjoy walking tours while traveling that works without Internet connection.